In Pursuit of Holistic dental care: Discover Healing and Tranquility

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Welcome to Tranquility Dental Care

We offer high quality, personalized care that blends holistic and traditional dentistry to promote optimal health and longevity

Why choose Us

Holistic approach

We address the root cause of dental concerns while considering overall health.

We listen. We care.

You will never be rushed in our nurturing environment. We will guide you with patience and compassion.

Personalized care to your unique needs

We treat patients with compromised health and collaborate with other healthcare practitioners, such as naturopathic doctors, functional medicine providers,nutritionists, to provide comprehensive care that addresses the whole person.

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From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming and the staff was friendly and attentive. The waiting area was clean and very comfortable and I appreciate how quickly I was checked in and seated. Dr. Nadya and the entire staff were not only professional but also took the time to explain each step of the procedures I needed done which put me at ease. It’s evident they are experts in their field and I left the office confident in the quality of care I received. Strongly recommend this office especially if you are someone who deals with dental anxiety like me.

Dan Caro

Fantastic experience. I had to have a tooth pulled and I am always nervous going to dentist. The staff was wonderful caring and patient with me. I would highly recommend going here

Erin Morris

I lovvvve Tranquility. I was in search of a new dentist so I to be honest I called a different dentist office before Tranquility. They told me the soonest they could see me was months out but that didn’t work for me. I found Tranquility and they were able to get me in right away. Thank goodness the previous office didn’t work out because I’m very happy I ended up here. The staff are very professional and friendly, they bring a normal vibe to the office instead of it feeling like a typical stale dentist office—which puts me at ease as I do have anxiety associated with dental work. It’s almost spa-like. The dentist has a quick but efficient hand—he’ll have you in and out which is an additional plus for this working busy mother of 2. Would highly recommend!

Brianna Dunphy

I love going to my dentist. The office is very relaxing. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Nadya is the best dentist around! Look at how wonderful my smile looks right after being cleaned. I highly recommend this office.

Joyce Myers

My first time here with a dental emergency (severe sensitivity and pain) and i have EXTREME anxiety when it comes to the dentist. The office is clean, the staff is wonderful and the dr was excellent.

Jessica Breza

Like most people, I dread going to the dentist. However, I couldn’t have been happier with the service(s) I received at Tranquility Dental. Any and all members of the staff that I met were friendly and personable, Dr. Nadya made me feel extremely comfortable, and the overall atmosphere in the office was very pleasant. Definitely will be going back, and definitely will recommend to my friends and family!

Emily Nonemacher

Going to the dentist may not seem fun but when I go to Tranquility, I enjoy my appointment! The staff is so friendly and they truly care about your wellbeing and not just your teeth!

Allison Nielsen

Extremely friendly, and informative. Angie at the front desk helped me get all my paperwork set up prior to my first appointment. She answered so many questions for me as well. Dr D was amazing, caring, and made me feel so comfortable. I neglected my teeth for so long, and am finally ready to let the great Doctors and staff help me get my smile back.

Andrew Fitzgerald

Absolutely love this dentist office! Everyone is so kind and caring. Dr. Nadya Dedov saved my tooth! I suffer from horrible dental anxiety to the point where I cry and I felt so at home and comfortable here. I had to pay out of pocket and I can assure you it's worth every penny! I'm looking forward to my next dental visit and will be referring them to others! So happy I found tranquility dental!

Kaz Cabrera

I have severe dental anxiety and both times I have been here, I have left feeling happy and calm. Angie at the front desk is so sweet and the whole office is a really great experience. After not going to dentist since before Covid I thought I’d be judged but they were super understanding. Definitely go here!!

Rachel Katz

Doctor Nadya and the staff are helpful and amazing. I’m not a fan of going to the dentist and I haven’t been to the dentist for awhile due to covid and I like to procrastinate. Anyway, todays visit was great and dr. Nadya was very knowledgeable. The staff made me feel less anxious and I was very comfortable here. I will be coming back and yes every six months of course. I Recommend coming here for all your dental needs!

Donald Lombardo